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Ambient air quality standard
(GB3095-1996¡¡Put into effect as of October 1, 1996)

The current Standard presents requirements for the zoning of ambient air quality function areas, classification of standards, pollution items, data taking time and concentration limits, sampling and analyzing methods and validity of data statistics. It is applicable to the assessment of air quality across China. There are three grades of ambient air quality function areas: Grade I is nature reserves, scenic spots and other areas in need of special protection; Grade II function areas are residential areas; commercial, transportation and residential mixed areas, cultural areas and general industrial areas specified in urban planning as well as rural areas. Grade III areas are specific industrial zones. There are three grades of ail quality. Grade I function area observes Grade I air quality standard; Grade II function area observes Grade II standard and Grade III function area observes Grade III air quality standard. The current standard specifies the concentration limits for the following 6 pollutants: SO2, TSP, PM10, NOx, NO2, CO, O3, Pb, B[a]P and F and is attached with the analytical methods for each pollutant.

Ambient air quality standard (GB3095-1996)

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