Report On the State of the Environment In China
Reduction of the Total Discharge of Major Pollutants
Water Environment
Marine Environment
Atmospheric Environment
Acoustic Environment
Solid Waste
Radiation Environment
Nature and Ecology
Land and Rural Environment
Climate and Natural Disaster
Environmental Management Boxes

The "2008 Report on the State of the Environment in China" is hereby released in accordance with the  Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China.


Zhou Shengxian


Ministry of Environmental Protection of P.R. China 
June 4, 2009

Note: Except administrative zoning, national land territory and earthquake disasters, national statistics shown in the report do not include those of Taiwan Province, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region.

Participating Agencies for Compilation of 2008 Report

Leading Agency: The Ministry of Environmental Protection
Contributing Agencies:

National Development and Reform Commission

The Ministry of Land and Resources
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development

The Ministry of Water Resources
The Ministry of Agriculture
The Ministry of Health
National Bureau of Statistics
State Forestry Administration
China Meteorological Administration
China Seismological Administration

State Oceanic Administration


Contact: Environmental Information Center

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