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MEE holds the ministerial affairs meeting

On Apr. 28, Minister Li Ganjie presided over a ministerial affairs meeting which conveyed the guidelines of the first meeting of the State Council on clean government building, and considered and adopted in principle the Decision on the Amendments to the Catalogue for the Category-specific Management of the Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects.

The first meeting of the State Council on clean government building came after the new term of the cabinet was established, and the agenda was to thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and of the important statements of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the second plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the meeting, wrapped up the Party conduct improvement, clean government building, and anti-corruption work of the central and local governments over the past five years, had an-depth analysis of the situations to be confronted, and made plans for the work in the next five years and the key tasks of this year. All this reflected the firm determination of the State Council for deepening the functional shifts of the government, the building of clean governments, and the creation of an honest and clean environment for the economic and social development.
The meeting emphasized that the national ecological and environmental departments should act under the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the above said National Congress, the plenary session, and the decisions and plans of the first meeting, and ceaselessly and persistently carry out the Party conduct improvement, Party building, and anti-corruption work. We will continue to streamline administration and delegate powers while improving regulation, optimize the reforms to the government services, and formulate and update the list of the powers and responsibilities for the ecological and environmental protection. We will keep a close eye on such key areas and links as the selection and appointment of officials, funds allocation, approval and regulation, compliance inspection, and project development, constantly improve the institutions and measures, and set up a power operating system that makes science-based decisions which are implemented resolutely under strict supervision. We will continuously educate on better Party conduct and clean government, unswervingly implement the guiding principles of the eight-point frugality rule, put a stop to "four undesirable work styles", and with a persistent determination in anti-corruption, build an iron army for the ecological and environmental protection which has committed faith, political integrity, high sense of responsibility, demonstrated competence, and applaudable work styles, so as to provide human resource support for putting up a tough fight against pollution and building a beautiful country.

The meeting held that the Catalogue for the Category-specific Management of the Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects has been amended as part of the efforts to implement the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for creating a steady, equitable, and transparent environment for business operation. It helps adopt to the economic and social development trends and accelerate the change in the ways of ecological and environmental regulation and achieve multiple wins in the economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

The meeting required to make overall plans for tougher interim and post regulation following the amendments by streamlining the approval procedures and strengthening the regulation, and enable the EIA approval system, pollution permitting system, and other reform measures to be complementary and mutually reinforcing. The Catalogue will be updated according to the latest developments. The promulgation, dissemination, and interpretation of the Catalogue will be well carried out to address the public concerns and mobilize the whole society to support and participate in the ecological and environmental protection.

Vice Ministers Huang Runqiu, Zhai Qing, and Zhao Yingmin, Leader of the Discipline Inspection Group Wu Haiying, and Vice Minister Zhuang Guotai presented at the meeting.

The officials in charge of the internal departments attended the meeting.

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