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MEP, MIIT and four central SOEs sign MOU for environmental management of base stations

MEP and MIIT signed a memorandum of understanding with China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Tower on the environmental protection of telecommunication base stations (hereinafter referred to as the MOU) on Oct. 26. The MOU was signed with the purpose of opening up new prospects for the harmonious development of the telecommunication and environmental protection sectors.

The amended Catalogue for the Category-specific Management of the Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects changed the way of reporting the environmental impact assessment of telecommunication base stations from preparing environmental impact statements to filing environmental impact forms with the environmental protection departments. Telecommunication base stations are major public infrastructures which have little environmental impact but are built on a large scale and near densely populated areas. The siting of the base stations may change in the construction process and cause the “not in my backyard” effect. Therefore, it is imperative to straighten out the environmental management mechanism of the base stations, step up the interim and post environmental protection, strengthen the corporate social responsibility, and advance the harmonious development of the telecommunication and environmental protection sectors.

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