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MEP releases the first two national standards on environment and health

By Du Xuanyi

BEIJING (CENEWS)-MEP printed and distributed the national environmental protection standards-Technical Guideline for Deriving Water Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health (HJ 837-2017) and Technical Regulation of Field Investigation for Environment and Health (Cross-sectional Study) (HJ 839-2017) recently, which is a milestone marking environment and health standards as part of the national environmental protection standards.

Environment and health management is an integral part of the environmental protection endeavors. To include the environment and health standards in the national environmental protection standards is one of the objective requirements for “the central government to establish sound monitoring, investigation, and risk assessment systems on environment and health”. The two standards are useful attempts at achieving systematic, scientific, and standardized environment and health management, and of great significance to increasing the comparability of the investigation results, having a scientific understanding of the relation between environment and health, improving China’s environmental standards, and enhancing the environmental risk management capacities.

The technical guideline applies to deriving water quality criteria for the protection of human health from the chronic exposure to pollutants in the surface waters, and the freshwaters that can provide aquatic products.

The technical regulation applies to the surveys on the environmental exposure of the human health to the environmental pollution from the operations of businesses, public institutions, and other business operators, at a specific timing or period.

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