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The air pollution inspection on the “2+26” cities officially launched

Chinese report by Xie Jiali, CENEWS

By the night of Apr. 7, the 28 inspection teams readied for the first round air pollution control had already stationed and reached out to the target cities, officially kicking off the on-the-spot inspection.

It took only three working days from the deployment meeting on Apr. 5 to the “all-in-position” status of the first inspection teams on the night of Apr. 7.

The first of 25 rounds of air pollution inspection campaigns to be conducted by a total of 5,600 inspectors within one year is officially commenced, targeting Beijing, Tianjin, and 26 cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding area.

This marks the first gunshot in the battle for the blue sky.

MEP attached great importance to the upcoming inspection, and convened a teleconference to make deployments on Apr. 5 when Minister Chen met with the leaders of the first and second batches of inspection teams.

Two days later, Vice Minister Zhai Qing paid a visit to the No.7 inspection team about to inspect Cangzhou and checked their work conditions and accommodations.

This reflected how serious the Ministry has taken the inspection.

This round of inspection came immediately after the thematic inspection on the air quality in Q1, with the priorities on the operation of the environmental facilities of stationary pollution sources and their attainment of emission standards, the availability, networking, and operation of automatic monitoring facilities for “elevated sources”, the seasonal suspension and restriction of production of enterprises, and the availability and operation of VOCs control facilities.

The intensified inspection on air pollution is what the people want and what is called for under current circumstances. The northern part of the country has often been hit by heavy air pollution since the start of the passing winter, and both the PM2.5 and PM10 readings went up significantly in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area in January and February.

This year marks the final year for the first-stage implementation of the action plan for air pollution control, and judging from the air quality in the first two months, it will be difficult to achieve the air quality improvement objectives specified by the action plan.

The pending inspection, the nation’s largest on record, is to transmit the air pollution control pressure down to lower levels and substantially improve the air quality.

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