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Declaring War on Pollution MEP announces China theme for 2014 World Environment Day
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An official with MEP told the media today the China theme for 2014 World Environment Day-Declaring War on Pollution, which is designed to reflectthatthe CPC and the State well understands the urgency and toughness of the pollution control effort, demonstrates the people-oriented and governance-for-all purposes and the sense of responsibility, and call for the entire society to work together to fight a tough battle against pollution, strive to improve environmental quality, and champion our common homeland on which we depend for survival.

To develop ecological civilization has something to do with people¡¯s livelihood and the future of a nation. To declare war on pollution is an inevitable choice for cracking the nuts concerning ecological environment, and the pressing need for promoting ecological progress. The directions of the attack are to further prevent and control atmospheric pollution, strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution, pay close attention to remediation of contaminated soils, work harder on fighting pollution caused by heavy metals, chemicals, and hazardous wastes, and further prevent and control industrial pollution. By taking steady, pertinent, and tough measures, we will improve theenvironmental quality step by step, and reveal to the people the government¡¯s resolution in this regard and the hope for environmental solutions, according to this official.

China¡¯s environmental protection sector is now in a difficult stage with overwhelming tasks and unprecedented pressure, as well as a crucial stage when something great can be done to address previous and new environmental problems. The theme ¡°Declare War on Pollution¡± has been identified based on the following considerations: a) to highlight the importance given by the CPC and the government to managing environmental issues; b) to respond actively to the public concerns and the expectations on hot environmental topicssuch as haze; c) to declare the firm determination and iron will of the Chinese Government to fight pollution and its active actions to address pressing environmental problems including haze; d) to encourage the whole society including the government, companies, and residents to work together to build a beautiful homeland with blue sky, green land, and clear water, added the official.

It is said that the UNEP identifiedthe international theme for the World Environment Day as ¡°Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level¡±, which aims to call for the international community to take urgent actions to help protect small island developing countries from growing risks and vulnerabilities, particularly as a result of climate change.

During the event, MEP will, as always, hold a series of commemoration activitieswhich include offering the public publicity films and wall maps around the Chinese theme as well the actions against atmospheric pollution and hosting theme activities celebrating this event. Local areas will also organize all sorts of publicity and celebration activities around the Chinese theme, aiming at mobilizing the whole society to help improve environmental quality step by step and make greater contributions to building a beautiful China.

(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)
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