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The State Council Holds the Teleconference on the First China Pollution Source Census
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The State Council held the teleconference on the First China Pollution Source Census on January 4. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan was present and addressed the meeting, stressing that we should make in-depth implementation of the scientific outlook on development in principle of the gist of the 17th National Congress of the CPC, adhere to carrying out the census in a comprehensive, scientific and lawful way to ensure the quality of the results. We should incorporate the pollution source census with the improvement of the environmental accounting system, environmental monitoring system and environmental evaluation system and integrate the gathered data of the census with the development and utilization of the census results so as to provide scientific, accurate and full range of environmental information for the promotion of the sound and fast economic and social development.


(Photo Source: Deng Jia from China Environment News)

Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan indicated that a census on the pollution sources across the nation and the consequent mastery of the situation of various types of pollution sources constitute the major basis for the environmental protection works under the new situation. Besides, it serves as key reference for economic structure optimization and a key measure for building an environment-friendly society and is of great significance. He requested that parties concerned should step up the organization and coordination work, secure the fund for the census, allocate necessary human and material resources and launch related popularization and mobilization work to ensure the smooth progress of the work on the pollution source census in light of the principles of unified leadership of the central government, work division and collaboration among various departments, responsibility bearing at different level of the government and joint participation by all parties concerned.

Vice Minister Zeng Peiyan noted that the first China Pollution Source Census is to complete the following five major tasks: the first is to fully grasp the status of all types of pollution sources. We should seriously investigate the number and distribution of all the pollution sources, the discharge volume and discharge destination of major pollutants across the country and establish the file record of major pollution sources and the information database of all the pollution sources. The second is to conduct the census in strict accordance with related laws. We should protect the lawful rights and interests and business secrets of the object of the census and harshly punish all forms of interference in the performance of the census and action of fraudulency and falsification. The third is to ensure the quality of the results of the census. We should always keep in mind the principle of putting quality at the first place, tighten quality control, carry out the examination work at various levels and make vigorous checkup for acceptance. The fourth is to amplify the environmental accounting, monitoring and evaluation system. We should take the good opportunity of this census to establish more scientific environmental accounting system, simultaneously enhance the construction of environmental monitoring system and check methods so as to build up a scientific environmental evaluation system. The fifth is to develop and apply the results of the census. We should make careful classification and in-depth research over the data obtained from the census so as to put forward related policy recommendations, improve supervision measures, address prominent problems and promote the gradual betterment of the environmental quality both in urban and rural areas.

Relevant person in chief from the SEPA, the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Finance introduced the work arrangement of the census, and officials from the local government of Jiangsu Province and Chongqing Municipality also briefed the meeting over their respective preparation works.

The First China Pollution Source Census shall be formally kicked off at the beginning of 2008. During the first half of the year, full-range survey will be conducted to all the pollution sources, and the works of data submission, input, examination and spot-check will be completed; during the latter half of the year, all the data obtained from the census shall be analyzed and gathered to form the major census data. During the first half of 2009, the examination and acceptance of the census will be performed, and the results of the census shall be developed and utilized. In 2007, the State Council enacted the Regulation on the China Pollution Source Census.

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