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24 2017/05
Yanchang blazes trail in carbon capture tech

Asia's first commercial carbon capture and storage project will begin to operate in northwestern China's Shaanxi province next year, said an executive of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co Ltd.

24 2017/05
Inspections of imported waste to rise

Legislators have vowed to increase supervision of government departments in charge of handling imported solid waste, aiming to protect the environment and ensure public health. 

24 2017/05
Ministries tackle pollution, public housing issues

Ministries under the State Council, China's Cabinet, responded to a series of concerns from media outlets as well as the public in the past week, mainly concerning environmental protection and subs...

23 2017/05
China stresses law enforcement on solid waste management

At a Monday meeting, China's top legislature emphasized monitoring the implementation of a solid waste control law.

23 2017/05
Global warming is turning Antarctica green

Climate change is more real than ever. A new study has found a steady growth of moss in Antarctica over the last 50 years, and suggested that the continent will be greener in the future.

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