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MEP holds an enlarged study session of the central team of Leading Party Members’ Group & a lecture on the theory and practice of philosophy

On Oct. 10, MEP held an enlarged study session of the central team of the Leading Party Members’ Group & a lecture on the theory and practice of philosophy, to thoroughly study the guidelines of the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 80th anniversary of Mao’s theories on practice and on contradiction to require the majority of the Party members to study classics and carry forward our Party’s excellent tradition of learning philosophy and using it in daily life. Li Ganjie, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Minister of Environmental Protection, presided over the meeting. Prof. Dong Zhenhua, Vice Dean of the Teaching and Research Department of Philosophy at Party School of CPC Central Committee, and a doctoral mentor, delivered a thematic lecture on invitation.

Prof. Dong delivered a lecture entitled “The Theory on Practice, The Theory on Contradiction, and their Significance in Practice”. He gave a systematic introduction to the outline and philosophical thoughts of the Theory on Practice and the Theory on Contradiction. Also, based on practical circumstances, and employing the world outlook and methodology of Marxism philosophy, he gave in-depth interpretations to the guidelines of the important statements of General Secretary Xi Jinping and his new concepts, thoughts, and strategies on governing the country. The lecture was clearly themed, informative, focused, and highly theoretical, and deeply enlightened and inspired the audience.

Li noted that since the 18th National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has attached great importance to the study of and research on Marxism classics and stressed the importance to take the Marxism philosophy as the special skill set of Communist Party members. Professor Dong’s lecture is very important for guiding the environmental protection departments to better learn and use philosophy and systematically master the cardinal principles, basic viewpoints, and fundamental methodologies of Marxism philosophy.

Li stressed that it is imperative to launch the thematic studies on the theory and practice of philosophy. First, we will attach great importance to the studies. All departments and organizations should make it a regular and long-term task to urge the Party members especially the leading officials to study the classics and be more self-consciously to arm ourselves with philosophical theories. Second, we should combine the studies with the practical circumstances. We should integrate the studies on philosophy with the study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important statements and his new concepts, thoughts, and strategies on running the country, with the regular Party building studies, and with the capacity building of the Party member leading officials to apply dialectical materialism and historical materialism to practical work. Third, we should guide our practical work with what we’ve learnt. The ultimate purpose of philosophical studies is to guide practices. We should learn to observe, analyze, and solve problems with the Marxism positions, viewpoints, and methodologies, thoroughly implement the important strategies and thoughts of General Secretary for promoting ecological progress, and in accordance with the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, put up a good fight for ecological and environmental protection, so as to greet the victorious opening of the 19th National Congress of the CPC with sound state of mind and distinguished work performance.

Vice Ministers Huang Runqiu, Zhai Qing, and Liu Hua, and Leader of the Discipline Inspection Group Wu Haiying presented at the meeting.

All cadres of the internal departments of the Ministry, the leaderships and Party affair cadres of the Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions attended the meeting.

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