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Li Ganjie chairs an enlarged study session of the central team of the Leading Party Members’ Group

Li Ganjie stresses that the life of law lies in enforcement, so the environmental protection departments at all levels, in order to shoulder the responsibilities for exercising unified supervision and administration over the environmental protection effort, should earnestly learn, implement, and apply the newly amended law and regulation, and provide strong legal basis for developing ecological civilization and promoting green development.

Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Minister Li Ganjie chaired an enlarged session of the central team of the Group to study the newly revised water pollution control law adopted in June and the amended regulations on the environmental management of construction projects promulgated in July. Li considered the amendments to be very timely and important. The life of law lies in enforcement. The environmental protection departments shoulder the responsibilities for exercising unified supervision and management over the environmental protection work, so the Ministry’s internal departments and affiliated institutions should take the lead to learn and master the legislative guidelines and purposes and make thorough preparations for their implementation; local environmental protection departments at all levels should make earnest efforts to study, implement, and apply the said law and regulation in order to provide strong legal basis for developing ecological civilization and promoting green development.

Li said that since the 18th National Congress of the CPC was held, China has made remarkable progress in environmental legislations, introduced the revised environmental protection law, air pollution control law, environmental impact assessment law, and environmental tax law, and enacted draft soil pollution control law and nuclear safety law.

The new water pollution law, which shall take effect as of Jan. 1, 2018, stipulates a bunch of new institutions and measures regarding the government’s environmental responsibilities, conservation of water ecology, groundwater pollution control and drinking water protection, and provides tougher punishments on environmental violations.

The new regulation, which shall take effect as of Oct. 1, 2017, devised a lot of feasible institutions and measures in respect of streamlining administration and delegating more power to lower-level governments, and strengthening the interim and post regulation.

Li emphasized that in order to thoroughly implement the new law and regulation, we should learn and master the new provisions which represent the new requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for promoting ecological progress and strengthening ecological conservation. We should launch intensive public awareness raising activities and training programs to enhance the public awareness on compliance. We should disseminate and interpret the new law and regulation in diversified forms including lectures, interviews, and publications on Weibo, WeChat, and the internet, and provide training programs for the environmental protection departments, Party and government leading officials at all levels, large enterprises and public institutions and key construction project owners. We should work out supplementary rules as soon as possible. We should introduce a catalogue of toxic and hazardous pollutants and draft the regulations on pollution discharging permits soon, accelerate the formulation of the acceptance check standards and procedures for environmental protection facilities and release them on the same date on which the new regulation goes to effect, and establish sound quality assurance system and accountability system regarding the environmental impact statement. We should tighten the enforcement and regulation to make sure the new law and regulation are effectively implemented. We should wield the new legal weapons to crack down on environmental incompliances in enterprises and public institutions, and urge the local Party committees and governments, environmental protection departments at all levels, and other competent departments to enforce the new legislations.

Vice Ministers Zhai Qing, Zhao Yingmin, and Liu Hua, and Chief Discipline Inspector Wu Haiying presented at the enlarged study session.

Directors General of the internal departments and the Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions attended the study session.

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