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Li Ganjie presides over the ministerial executive meeting

Chinese report by Du Xuanyi, CENEWS

Minister Li Ganjie chaired the ministerial executive meeting in Beijing on Jul. 20 to convey the guidelines of the National Working Conference on Finance and the sixth National Working Conference on Partner Assistance to Xinjiang, considered and adopted in principle the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Prevention and Control of Volatile Organic Pollutants, and heard reports on the annual progress in the enforcement of the environment protection law and the future work plans, and on the preparations for introducing the environment protection tax.

The meeting pointed it out that finance is a nation’s core competiveness, that financial security is an integral part of the national security, and that financial regimes are the basic systems for the economic and social development. The national environmental protection branches should align the thoughts and actions with the decisions and deployments of the National Working Conference on Finance, well understand the significance of the finance work, and put forward requirements proposed at the conference based on the practical environmental protection circumstances.

The meeting stressed that the sixth National Working Conference on Partner Assistance to Xinjiang reflected the close attention paid by the CPC Central Committee. The partner assistance is a major political mission, so the national environmental protection branches should earnestly implement the 13th Five-Year Plan for Partner Assistance to Xinjiang by National Environmental Protection Branches, further improve partner assistance mechanism, strengthen the policy, human resource, technological, and financial supports, and offer green supports for the regional social stability and long-lasting safety in Xinjiang.

The meeting held that we must strengthen the prevention and control of VOCs pollution in all respects in order to improve the ambient air quality. As the precursor of PM2.5 and O3, the VOCs have growing impact on the ambient air quality, so it is imperative to recognize the importance to control VOCs and make well-thought plans. Also, it is important to enhance basic capacity building, work out VOCs emission control standards and fugitive emission standards and other technical specifications, and make VOCs emission on the checklist of the second national general survey on pollution sources. The meeting decided that the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Prevention and Control of Volatile Organic Pollutants be distributed after further revisions.

The meeting noted that over the past two years and more since the environment protection law took effect, the annual enforcement activities have been fruitful, generating a lot of good practices and experience. In the next step, we will wielder the sharp sword of this law wisely and enable the local Party committees, governments, and relevant departments to shoulder the environmental protection responsibilities and the industry to comply with the law. We will strive to accomplish the 26 annual tasks, seriously crack down on environmental incompliances, wrap up the experience and improve the methodology, and strengthen the collaboration among the internal departments.

The meeting emphasized that the environment protection tax provides the legal basis for applying the taxation to promote pollution reduction by industries. The environmental protection departments should collaborate closely with relevant departments and prepare for the upcoming enforcement of the law.

A member of the Leading Party Members’ Group Zhou Ying, Vice Ministers Zhao Yingmin and Liu Hua and the Leader of the Discipline Inspection Group Wu Haiying presented at the meeting.

Directors general of the internal departments attended the meeting.

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