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MEP holds a meeting to commend the role models in the Party building studies and celebrate the 96th anniversary of the CPC

MEP held a meeting on Jun. 30 to commend the exemplary Party organizations and members in the Party building studies and celebrate the 96th anniversary of the CPC. Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Minister Li Ganjie attended the meeting and gave a lecture on the Party theories. He stressed that it is imperative to follow the example of the commended role models, enable the Party building studies a regular event and an institution, and guide the majority of the Party members to have keen political awareness, observe the rules, value personal conduct, and shoulder the responsibilities.

Li began by extending congratulations to the commended Party organizations and members. He said the Party organizations at all levels and the majority of the Party members should follow the example of the advanced Party organizations and the outstanding Party members, create good atmosphere across the national environmental protection branches for everyone to compete for excellence, comprehensively strengthen Party disciplines, and strive to take the Party’s ideological, organizational, work style, institutional, and honesty and anti-corruption development up to new levels.

Li noted that the Party building studies are the cutting point for building the Party with ideological awareness, organization, and institutions, and the groundwork for comprehensively strengthening the Party disciplines. The Ministry has energetically promoted the studies, significantly raised the Party members’ awareness to uphold political integrity, keep in mind the bigger picture, follow the CPC as the core of the Chinese leadership, act consistently with the CPC Central Committee policy; tightened the Party Constitution, regulations, and disciplines, consolidated the building of the Party organizations at all levels, and greatly boosted the central tasks for environmental protection. In the next step, the Ministry will implement the guidelines of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and make it a major political task to normalize and institutionalize the Party building studies, and guide the Party members to pass the tests in the following four aspects.

First, to pass the test in political awareness and take a clear-cut stand. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that to stress political awareness is the fundamental requirement of a Marxist political party and decides a party’s future fate. The Party members should be both skilled and politically keen, firmly hold the Marxist beliefs, build up the faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, safeguard the authority of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, and strive to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Firstly, we should uphold the political integrity, keep in mind the bigger picture, follow the CPC as the core of the Chinese leadership, and act consistently with CPC Central Committee policy. Secondly, we should be confident in the path, theories, institutions, and cultures of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, and be a firm political believer. Thirdly, we should make the intraparty political life further highlight the political awareness, represent the call of the times, build on the principles, and increase the combating capacities.

Second, to pass the test to observe the disciplines and make the knowledge consistent with the act. To observe discipline and rules reflects the Party’s work style and image and what has made sure our Party to start from scratch and grow strong. The Party organizations at all levels and the Party members should exercise self-discipline and perseverance, and the leading officials should take the lead to observe disciplines.

Third, to pass the test of moral conduct and commit to excellence. The contemporary Party members, in order to cultivate the morality, should understand the greater good, observe the public code of conduct, and be strict in personal conduct. They should always keep our Party, our people, and our responsibilities in mind, exercise self-discipline and self-esteem, withstand the tests and resist the temptations.

Fourth, to pass the test to play our roles and pursue solemnity, authenticity, meticulousness, pragmatism, and efficiency at work. The Party members should play an exemplary role and the leading officials should take a leading role at work. They should be strict with the disciplines, the approval powers, the supervision and compliance inspection, introduce the toughest environmental protection regimes, and seriously hold the leading officials accountable for ecological damages. They should make sure the monitoring data to be authentic, especially in the second national survey on pollution sources. They should promote the change of the environmental management patterns from extensive management to delicacy management. Moreover, they should implement the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, take a problem-oriented approach, and find solutions to the problems.

The meeting was chaired by Zhai Qing, Vice Minister and Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Departments under MEP. A member of the Leading Party Members’ Group Zhou Ying, Vice Minister Liu Hua, and head of the Discipline Inspection Group Wu Haiying attended the meeting.

All of the cadres in the Ministry’s internal departments; members of the Party committees, Party general branches, Party branches, and directors of the Party offices, of the Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions; members of the Party committee for the cadres retired from the Ministry’s internal departments, and representatives of the advanced Party organizations and the outstanding Party members of the Party building studies attended the meeting.

The Party members of the Ministry’s regional offices and affiliated institutions watched the real-time broadcast of the meeting through teleconference system in their respective meeting venues.

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